Somalia at a Glance

Somalia has been facing a humanitarian crisis for the last 18 years; this has been caused by the absence of a functional central government, the absence of sufficient rainfall, and continuous occurrence of natural disasters. It remains one of the worst humanitarian situations in the world, with approximately four million Somalis are suffering from famine, diseases and water supply shortages. HAF's goal is to work with clan elders and civil societies to help ease the pain and suffering of the Somali people.  SOMALIA MAP

HAF News

HAF's Library Project in East Africa is about to Start.

Brochure in English

Brochure in Somali

HAF's Annual Conference Held in Minnesota.

Imam Albukhari School Ceremony in Galdogob

HAF's Basic Health Awareness Program starts in Puntland Region.

HAF's Assessment Team for Education and Health Finalize their Tour on Puntland Region.


Machadka Imaam Albukhaari ee Galdogob

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